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San Diego Capabilities

Escondido is home to our San Diego hub of field operations.  Our Training and Continuing Education (CEU) programs are developed here and new/innovative trials are often tested at this location. The San Diego EMS Agency is very progressive within the State of California which permits us from many of the trials both regarding company operations but in the EMS Field Guidelines also. Programs at this facility receive funding through the County of San Diego. Download the San Diego County Ehthics Compliance brochure to learn more.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance Service 

We are licensed and permitted to operate our service throughout all of San Diego County.  We are also only one of two private ambulance companies in the county currently contracted by SD-EMS to operate under the new EMT-B expanded scope protocol which permits our personnel to perform Semi-Automatic Defibrillation (SAD) and insert the Combitube Airway Device (ETAD).

Fire Response/911 Transportation Provider

Through an agreement with the San Pasqual Fire District we provide primary 9-1-1 Ambulance Transport Services for San Pasqual Fire.  Under contract with the County of San Diego we are also a Primary 9-1-1 BLS provider for the I-5 Corridor in the Camp Pendleton FIre. Additional fire agencies utilize our service within the county as needed.  AmeriCare ensures that resources are available in order to quickly respond to such 911 requests and ensures that the highest priority is given to the fire agencies.  Most of our current EMTs are trained under the Fire Department ICS structure to a minimum level of ICS-100.  Supervisors and Managers are given additional training of ICS-200 & ICS-300 as they progress up the company chain of command

Critical Care Transport (CCT / ALS) 

AmeriCare currently sub-contracts Critical Care Nurses that work assigned shifts in order to increase the capabilities and needs of hospitals who require Advanced Life Support or Critical Care Transportation.  AmeriCare utilizes the newest Road Rescue 'modular style ambulances' equipped with the necessary specialized equipment and power sources maintained and used for these requests in order to ensure the maximum care and comfort for our patients and personnel.   Gurney Van / Wheel Chair Services 

Among our contractual obligations include providing non-ambulatory services for patients in wheel chairs or on a gurney that do not require specialized care, monitoring, or treatment by EMTs, Paramedics, or Nurses. 

Services from our San Diego County Office