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Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles County Services
Corporate Headquarters

Los Angeles County Capabilities

Carson houses our administrative services as well as one of our largest Field Operations Stations. Many of our support services are also performed from this location and this is the location of Corporate Headquarters. Our building is equipped with a backup generator, able to run for 3 weeks without needing to refuel, multiple phone systems incorporating VOIP and standard analog phone lines, as well as the ability to assume complete command and control of all radio and phone communications in the company, enabling us to continue operations during all types of emergencies.

Other services out of our Corporate Headquarters include:

We are licensed and permitted to operate our service throughout the county of Los Angeles. Los Angeles City also requires a special permit and we are one of the companies permitted to operate in LA City. Employees are also individually credentialed as EMTs in both LA County and LA City. We provide services through the entire county.

Fire Response/911 Transportation Provider

Through a contractual agreement with the City of Downey we provide Ambulance Transport Services for Downey and Compton Fire, and the City of Santa Monica. Additional fire agencies utilize our service within the county as needed. AmeriCare ensures that resources are available in order to quickly respond to such 911 requests and ensures that the highest priority is given to the fire agencies.

Critical Care Transport (CCT/ALS)

AmeriCare maintains a staff of Critical Care Nurses that work on assigned shifts in order to be immediately available to respond to the needs of hospitals in the transportation of patients who require Advanced Life Support or Critical Care. State of the art 'modular style ambulances' equipped with the necessary specialized equipment and power sources are maintained and used for these requests in order to ensure the maximum care and comfort for patients and personnel.

Gurney Van and Wheel Chair Services

Among our contractual obligations include providing non-ambulatory services for patients in wheel chairs or on a gurney that do not require specialized care, monitoring, or treatment by EMTs, Paramedics, or Nurses.