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Zombie Mud Run

November 11, 2015

AmeriCare was proud to be a part of the Zombie Mud Run in Temecula, CA. We provided managers and supervisors, along with two Polaris 4x4 OHVs, and eight EMTs throughout the 5k course to provide medical care to the approximately 5,000 runners. Runners were presented with a 5k course with obstacles ranging from tunnels, smoke filled buildings, mazes, wooden structures to climb over and others to crawl under, including a live electric fence, and of course lots and lots of mud. There were over 15 mud pits and areas of slick mud. Competitors had to navigate the course and complete the obstacles, all while dodging and avoiding the zombies on the course aiming to remove one of three flags tied around their waste. Runners had to complete the course with at least one flag remaining in order to win. Many injuries occurred due to the nature of the competition, ranging from abrasions and lacerations, to rolled ankles, twisted knees, dehydrations and heat illness. AmeriCare’s team of medical personnel treated over 100 patients in the form transporting injured runners off of the course and then basic first aid, cleaning wounds, wrapping and splinting wounded extremities, applying ice and ice packs, and monitoring those that needed care.