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Stephanie Carlson

Stephanie Carlson

Director of Finance

Stephanie manages the company’s finance operations including: accounts receivable, accounts payable, accounting and cash management.  As a member of the executive management team, Stephanie participates in the ongoing management of the company’s strategic business plan initiatives.   Stephanie joined AmeriCare over 12 years ago first serving in the billing department.   She remains up to date on the latest trends in medical reimbursement by attending various industry seminars and conferences.  She is focused on compliance issues and works with our management team so that the company continues its vigilance in complying with the ever-changing medical reimbursement rules and regulations.

On the accounts payable side, Stephanie works closely with our managers to ensure that vendors we do business with continue to provide us with quality products and services at fair and competitive pricing and that they are reimbursed timely for the goods and services the company purchases each and every day.

Stephanie works with the company’s outside CPA firm to ensure our accounting practices are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and that our financial statements are published to reflect an accurate account of the company’s financial condition and within the required timeframes.