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Mike Summers

Mike Summers

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mike is proud to be the 100% owner/operator of AmeriCare MedServices, Inc. d.b.a. AmeriCare Ambulance Service. He maintains a very active role in ALL ASPECTS of daily operations of the company and ensures that all personnel are performing their jobs at peak performance. Mike takes pride in the company and requires all field managers to maintain, at a minimum, their EMT certification in order to work in the field when needed and to truly know what the needs of the field personnel are. He still fills ambulance shifts, mans ambulances, runs calls, responds to disasters and requests from FEMA, monitors dispatch, and routinely stays in touch with the daily rigors of operations through direct involvement. Mike believes heavily in Quality Assurance and strives for high quality in all aspects of AmeriCare’s service levels.

Mike began his career in EMS early in life when he became a fire explorer in Seal Beach, CA, his home town, and later, at the age of 16, moved into a volunteer role at a high desert fire department/search and rescue squad. As early as 15 years old, Mike received his Advanced First Aid from the American Red Cross along with his CPR certificate. Mike went on to receive his Winter Emergency Care certification (WEC) and worked locally as a ski patrolmen. At 18, Mike received his Emergency Medical Technician and Private Pilots License and has held and maintained them since that time. Mike then turned his efforts to the police academy and finished in the top 10% of a class of 102 at the Goldenwest College Police Academy receiving his full Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) Certificate. Mike continued schooling to receive his degree in business and then went on to law school. During all these periods (other than during the full time police academy), Mike worked full time as an EMT gaining experience and working a variety of positions in EMS including trainee, EMT, Field Training Officer, Field Supervisor, Operations Supervisor, Operations Manager, and Division Manager, until finally he saw a window to serve as a president/CEO and begin his own company in late 1995. During the course of his tenure as president/CEO, Mike has continued working in the field and on his continuing education. Mike has attended classes at the invitation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and achieved several levels of Incident Command System (ICS) training. Mike has personally lead, and/or AmeriCare has sent, strike teams and or otherwise responded to several disasters such as Hurricane Katrina/Rita, Hurricane Ike, Firestorm 2007 & 2008 (on several fronts), among hundreds of local disasters and constantly stays at the ready with vehicles, equipment, and man power to lead strike teams at a moments notice ANYWHERE in the continental U.S. or beyond at the request of US officials. Mr. Summers is and has always shown a willingness to serve and to go above and beyond any goal.

In 1994 and 1995, during a period of conglomeration and corporate takeovers of ambulance services in California, including the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, the industry had lost touch with two main areas: 1.)The customer and patients’ needs should be paramount and, 2.)Employees had become a numbers and not seen as assets to a company. Mike realized the goals of these organizations were strictly profit and the opportunity was ripe for a company that remembered that service came first and realized the importance of employees and the need to hold them in high regard! In late 1995, Mike began working on starting “AmeriCare” which was to be his idea of a true Ambulance Service that actually served its customers, patients, and employees. On May 6, 1996, corporate status was filed for in California and AmeriCare MedServices Inc. was born.

Mike Summers started this company from the ground up with a handful of dedicated employees he had worked with in the EMS field over the past couple decades. Mike started the operation and has dedicated his life to the goal he first started with: old-fashioned service. This was something that NO companies were doing and had long since been forgotten in the industry. Mike’s approach greatly received and today each and every employee gives sincere respect to everyone we meet and we still surprise many with just a simple "thank you, have a nice day." Mike wants to have people working for AmeriCare that are happy doing what they love and that share his goal of customer satisfaction.