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Caring · Compassion · Courtesy

AmeriCare in Action

Company Profile

At AmeriCare Ambulance, we understand that the most important decision anyone can make is the service that cares for your loved ones. Quality assurance is AmeriCare Ambulance's driving force to provide superior quality and dependability to our customers.

AmeriCare Ambulance is a dba of AmeriCare MedServices, Inc. It is also integrated with our AmeriCare Fire & EMS Section. The company was incorporated in 1996 with the concept of providing the "good old fashioned ambulance service." AmeriCare quickly grew from two ambulances in Orange County in 1996 to over 20 ambulances in less than two years. The company's goal is to provide the best service in a fast, professional manner. The three Cs of AmeriCare were developed and each member of the AmeriCare team are expected to always live up to them.

The three Cs include: "Caring...Compassion...Courtesy." This concept is given to our patients, fire/police agencies, facilities, the general public, and our employees. Our high quality of service was quickly embraced by nursing facilities, hospitals, fire, and police alike.

Today, AmeriCare Ambulance has a fleet of 68 ambulances and growing, 5 wheel-chair vans, and 10 Field Support Vehicles serving 3 Southern California counties.

AmeriCare Ambulance strives to be the best ambulance service by serving facilities and emergency service agencies with the highest quality of care first and foremost at all times with high regard for customer service and facility relations. AmeriCare Ambulance employees maintain a professional and courteous manner at all times when representing the company in any way.

We continually strive to live up to our goal which we have adapted as our tag line “dedicated to its employees and its future”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide rapid safe transportation for our patients as quickly as possible to the pre-determined/requested facility whenever possible, while presenting yourself in a manner that represents both yourself and AmeriCare Ambulance as being the premier ambulance company in all counties where services are provided.

Company History

AmeriCare Ambulance Service was founded in 1996 in the City of Orange. We began with three (3) employees and two (2) ambulances in the back of an old dilapidated building. At that time, the industry was experiencing a consolidation of many family-owned “mom and pop” ambulance companies under the umbrella of one “Corporate” provider.

Our founder noticed that the quality of service provided was being affected as the “Corporate” company’s focus became the almighty dollar. Our philosophy was to get back to the roots of ambulance service by providing quality patient care that was focused on the needs of its patients and its healthcare partners. This philosophy ended up being just what the industry needed as AmeriCare quickly became a major player. Through the years, we have managed our growth to ensure that we never compromised the values that the company was founded upon “Caring…Compassion…Courtesy.”

Today, AmeriCare operates 80 emergency and support vehicles, has over 250 employees, and 13 stations stretching from the San Diego border to the city of Lancaster in the Antelope Valley.