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Los Angeles Marathon

Los Angeles Marathon

AmeriCare Ambulance will be providing emergency care and transportation for spectators and participants during the Los Angeles Marathon. AmeriCare is proud to participate in this highly attended event and provide the medical assistance to those who may require emergency transportation services during the days activities.

AmeriCare will be staffing ambulances and personnel to provide ALS and BLS levels of care during the event. In addition the company will have their Polaris Off-Road Emergency Quick Response Carts on hand in areas with poor accessibility by ground ambulances. In preparedness for any large scale incident the Special Events Unit will also have on hand one of the State of California Emergency Services Disaster trucks that is currently assigned and operated by AmeriCare EMS. This Emergency Response Vehicle is stocked with large quantities of medical and other disaster supplies, and will be ready to respond anywhere within the course if the request is made for additional equipment and resources.

The LA Marathon will start at the Dodgers Stadium and wind its way through the streets of LA over it’s 26 mile course until it ends at the finish line by the Santa Monica Pier. Inspired by the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, CA this event is now in it’s 29th year and is a highly attended event both nationally and internationally recognized as the “Stadium to the Sea” course.